I have soundcloud open in one of my tabs while in the other one I am reading an interesting article. The currently paying track ends and a new one starts and this sucks. I want to skip this and move to the next track. How I wish pressing some key while remaining in the same tab would take me to the next track. Some wishes do come true 🙂 and in the past few days I brought this idea to life. I wrote a chrome plugin which exactly does this and some more. Below are the keybindings currently supported:

1. <alt> + k – Jump to the next track.
2. <alt> + j – Jump to the previous track.
3. <alt> + p – Pause the currently playing track or resume the paused track. If no track is playing, play the first track in the page.
4. <alt> + m – If logged in, favorite the currently playing track.

Some improvements which I have in mind:
1. Making the keyboard bindings configurable.
2. Removing jQuery dependency from the code.

Give it a spin and let me know how it works for you.