The Three Musketeers follows the tale of the three musketeers(who else ;)) as they try to save the young queen of France from a diabolical back stabbing cardinal and his sexy hot female double agent assassin played by Mila Jovoich(throughout the movie I kept thinking it was Liv Taylor). The story has all the usual elements of a cocky action pot boiler, disgruntled men who have lost their honor in the last mission, a hot female back stabbing assassin, an over confident young boy and his romance with the queen’s assistant, inane humor, a lot of swash buckling sword fights, flying contraptions, gigantic explosions, phew I am done :). I did not repent the money I spent on the movie and if you are into action movies you too will not.

I had big expectations from Super 8, but I found it to be super boring. I guess the intermingling of kids and an alien was supposed to make the movie unique, but I felt it did not save it from the dull boring plot. The initial train accident was awesome, simply realistic and excellent. Apart from that, I did not find anything special in the movie, except for the part along with the credits, where the short film made by the kids is showcased. That was the only saving grace.

The Last Air Bender, I watched it on tv, it was plying in HBO late Sunday night. I like the concept behind the movie, but the movie was super crappy. Maybe I will try to catch the animated series, as I am sort of taken by the bending concept. The kid’s acting in the movie borders on terrible, the action is bad, 90’s Indo Overseas movies had better Kung Fu sequences. I do not know what Shymalan was thinking while making the movie. The movie ends with a huge opening for a sequel, but I highly doubt it ever coming out due to the drubbing received by this one at the audience’s hands.