There are some movies whose trailer’s make you look forward to their release and for me “Real Steel” was one of them. I have been bitten badly by this in the past in case of movies like “The Priest” or “Ultraviolet”, but who can resist the story of bots grinding against each other :)? So, we watched the movie last Friday night and I loved every bit of it.

The story happens in the not so distant future where the world of boxing has seen a belly up by the introduction of fighting bots which have made the humans obsolete in this sport. Hugh Jackman plays the role of the disgruntled boxing giant who has lost it all in his life, his career, his girl friend, kid etc and is neck deep in debt. Fate puts his son with him for a few weeks on his bot boxing road trips and the rest of the story is about how the father son duo stage a come back in the bot boxing arena.

Apart from the geeky bot boxing scenes, other enjoyable aspects of the movie are the father son bonding shots, their friendly banter, the camaraderie between the kid and his bot Atom. All in all a good enjoyable watch especially if you are smitten by robots like me :).