After reading a couple of non fiction books, I wanted a book that was easy to read and I picked up Girls by Nick Kelman. It for sure did not meet my criteria of an easy to read fiction book, but I did not like the book in general. I felt it was just pornography packaged in a sophisticated manner with some trivia and classic literature thrown in.

The story basically follows the pursuits of men and their twisted world of sex especially of the Lolita kind, power, lust, greed etc etc. It has graphic descriptions of sex in all forms, threesomes, blow jobs, analingus, cunnilingus, etc etc. Maybe I am too much of a commoner to “APPRECIATE” the book, but I was not able to figure out the connections between the random facts thrown in like the origin of the word Cunt and it’s relation to the flow of the story. It was like the author had a couple of random sex related trivia and he just picked up some page number from a lot to put it in. Also, the story shifts randomly between different protagonists of which I was not able to keep track of. I was not able to decipher the relation to the story of the Greek literature thrown in in almost every two pages other than that, in most of the cases, both of them talked about men and their pursuit of primal pleasures. I felt the book is an excuse for people to relish pornography and not feel guilty about it, as it gives them the illusion of reading some fine classic literature.