Drive’s poster stood apart from the ordinary and the reviews were positive, hence Pavi and me decided to watch the movie. After watching it, I have mixed feelings regarding the movie, I cannot decide as to whether it was good or just average. Ryan Gosling, the driver, is a stunt car driver who also moon lights as a get away driver for crooks. His life entwines with that of the young mom and her son staying in his apartment, whose husband just got out of jail. One fine day, the driver finds the husband badly beaten up by thugs who are after him for some money he owes them and decides to help the guy out. Things go hay wire from here lending to the rest of the plot.

The whole movie has a 90’s feel to it, starting from the credit’s font and color to the back ground discoish music. What I found fascinating about the movie is the wrapping up of extremely violent men in a soft veneer of decency and benevolence. The close up shots of the driver’s smiling angelic face followed by him kicking the face of a man to shards is shocking. Also, the antagonist’s empathetic soft talk with the driver’s employer before he slashes his wrists leading to a gory blood bath is primal. The way the movie revolves between soft spoken people and in your face gore is what I feel sets the movie apart from the ordinary but the pace of the narrative is slow and some of the shots too extended to hold your attention. I still cannot decide whether it was good or just ordinary :).