I had peeked at this book in Crossword when Pavitra and me were trying to kill time in MG Road as the movie that we were to watch was an hour away. Flipping through the book, I was mighty impressed. Yesterday, while browsing books in Justbooks, I chanced upon this book. Aha, the joy of serendipitously finding a book that you wanted to read for sometime. Rented the book and started reading it yesterday night and finished it today evening.

The book is written by Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. The book is a mixture of Tony’s personal life, his first start up experience, LinkExchange, with a major portion devoted to Zappos and finally ending with a small treatise on happiness and finding one’s calling in life. He has divided the book into three sections, the first section devoted to Tony’s personal life, his adventures with entrepreneurship as a kid and in college days, which finally culminates in him and his friend founding up LinkExchange and then selling it successfully to Microsoft. The next section is devoted to his journey from funding Zappos to his full time involvement with Zappos, with detailed anecdotes of personal stories and strategies of how they built the company from the ground up to the multi million dollar behemoth it is today. The final section is dedicated to the hay days of Zappos with the finale of Amazon acquiring Zappos in an all stock deal valued at 1.2 billion dollars. This section mostly elucidates the core values of Zappos and stresses on how important it is for a company to live up to it’s values.

Impressive quotes are sprinkled throughout the book with ample amounts of humor thrown in. It is an extremely fascinating read, offering a rich glimpse of the travails and triumphs of a young entrepreneur.