Drove to Muthathi last weekend. My first time on Kanakapura road. Whole road is surrounded by hillocks and owing to the monsoon season all the hillocks were adorned with greenery.

Muthathi is on the banks of river Kaveri. It looked like a popular tourist attraction with hoards of people on the river bank. There is a jungle lodges resort here. My friend Theju had stayed in the resort and was recounting the tale of his trek to a near by watch tower. We were all gung ho about doing it again but the forest officers there did not let us. They asked us to take a guide along paying 300 rupees in addition to 125 rupees per head per member as forest entry fee. We did not see the point in paying so much as it was near to dusk. So we abandoned the trek to the watch tower and climbed up a random hill on the way. A steep climb of 20 minutes took us to the top from where we saw Kaveri in full glory. Also got a glimpse of the numerous hillocks around.

After the climb we headed back towards Bangalore. A few kilometers before Kanakpura town we saw another hillock and stopped aiming to climb it. A short walk through fields took us to the base. A few minutes into the climb and we were barricaded by thorny shrubs which cut our climb short. We saw a small boulder and climbed and sat on it for sometime taking in the bucolic country side.

I am planning to go back to Muthathi again early morning and cross Kaveri and trek on the other side.