Come Saturday morning and we were on our way to Chingara resort, nestled between lush green forest and coffee plants in the quaint village of Kabbinakaadu in Kodagu (Coorg/Madikeri). We reached the place around 7 in the evening, parked our cars at the bottom of the resort, climbed up the 4 wheel drive which took us to the resort on a treacherous road. We dumped our bags in the rooms and assembled in the dining area of the main building to savor the hot piping coffee and crispy pakoras in the cold chilly weather. The resort is surrounded by thick vegetation and in between the foliage you can get a glimpse of the mist covered distant western ghats. The rooms were immaculately neat and spacious with a king sized soft bed to spoil you for the night. After a sumptuous homely dinner, we settled in the balcony for the nightly banter. It was a full moon day and the whole estate was sparkling in the moon light.


Next morning, with a packed lunch, we were on our way to scale Tadiandamol, the highest peak in Kodagu. Sharath, the owner of the resort dropped us to the place where we had parked our cars. We drove till the base of Tadiandamol and started off on our feet to the mighty peak. As you start climbing, the vegetation morphs from thick trees to grass and shrubs. The surrounding peaks were playing hide and seek with us, behind the moving clouds. Enemy number one that day was not the drizzle or the incline, but the leeches that were waiting for our yummy blood. From the time we started the ascent, it was an incessant fight with the leeches. My friend Rajith, informed me that deodorant is a potent anti leech weapon and me being a skeptic, got a good opportunity to test this and it turned out he was indeed right. We took a good two hours to reach the peak, with lots of breaks in between to catch our breath and deleeching ourselves.

Since it was monsoon, the top was covered with clouds and nothing around was visible. My friend Theju, who had been there during pre monsoon told us that you get a panoramic view of the western ghats from the top. We gulped down our lunch and just sat their admiring the whole setting. Mountain top, white and blue clouds, chilly breeze and slight drizzle. It was just out of this world.

On our way back we visited the waterfall inside the estate. Seeing the waterfall none of us could resist the allure of a dip and all of us were underneath it in a few minutes. The water was ice cold and the pressure of the water was pretty high that we felt our backs begging us to leave. After this memorable experience we headed back to our rooms, cleaned up, packed and said good by to Chingara.