My friend Rajith passed me this link one day. Reading through the post, I was inspired to build my own NAS box.

Idea was to build a NAS from an Intel Atom board running FreeNAS. FreeNAS boots off a USB stick. So, hard disc is not needed. Went to SP Road in Bangalore searching for a mini ITX case. None of those guys had the dimensions that I was looking for. So, there was no option left but to order it online from here. I could not register, as the site was throwing off PHP errors. So, got in touch with their support personnel and ordered the case through email. Got it in three days. Zeroed in on D410pt as the motherboard. If you are planning to buy this board, be aware of the fact that this board does not support PATA drives. Have to go in for the new SATA drives or have to use a PATA to SATA converter. Anyways, I had no need for storage, as the plan was to boot off a USB stick. For the USB drive, I had an old thumb drive with me.

After assembling the NAS with 1GB RAM, downloaded FreeNAS image to my laptop. Using this excellent GUI tool, copied FreeNAS image to the thumb drive. Plugged in the thumb drive into my NAS, connected the NAS to my router and was all set to rock and roll ;).