If your Slug is virgin i.e still running Linksys firmware:

  • Remove all media and boot up the Slug.
  • Download Unslung firmware from here.
  • Go to Slug web admin interface and upgrade the firmware using the binary file downloaded.

For slugs that have been unslunged before:

  • Download SercommFirmwareUpdater to flash the firmware. Take a look at this. For the updater to detect your Slug, it has to be in upgrade mode. Follow these steps to put your Slug into upgrade mode.

Once firmware is flashed:

  • Reboot Slug. Do not insert any media into slug at this stage.
  • Telnet into Slug. Follow these steps.
  • Now plug in a memory device into Slug. This device will be used to backup your Unslung. These pages will help you figure out how big the media should be and which port is to be used.
  • Once Slug detects the memory device, run this in telnet, /sbin/unsling disk2 (or disk1) depending on which port you used.
  • Now go ahead and install all the packages you need. This detailed guide will help you to get on your feet.

While trying to upgrade ipkg if you run into any issues make sure you have configured DNS and subnet for the Slug. This can be done through Slug’s web based admin interface.

For more information go through unslung website. It is a goldmine of information for hacking Slug.